Why Corrosion Protection:

  • Paint is the most commonly used material to protect steel
  • Paint systems for steel structures have developed over the years to comply with industrial environmental legislation and in response to demands from bridge and building owner for improved durability and performance
  • Preserves value of property
  • Prevents hazards and injuries from failure of structures
  • Preserves metal thickness and integrity
  • Prevents loss of time and productivity to carry out repair work

Corrosion Protection by Dram:

  • On-site application of protective and aesthetic coatings
  • Application of products by means of spray, brush and/or roller
  • Working off erected structures utilizing double lanyard safety harnesses
  • Inspections and controls during painting
  • Assistance with design of a coating system if required
  • Stringent health and safety compliance
  • Environmental consideration
  • Coating of new steel and refurbishing of existing structures
  • All our staff are certified to work at heights
  • All our staff are medically certified

Why Steel Fire Protection:

  • Preserves Life
  • Extends search and rescue time
  • Delays building collapse
  • Passive Systems applied by DRAM


    A single pack cementations powder designed for fireproofing interior structural steel, roofs, decks, girders, columns, etc:

    • Durable - Remains in place during construction and beyond
    • Excellent film build – On all surfaces including columns, beams and decks
    • Asbestos-free – Complies with EPA and OSHA regulations
    • Mineral wool free – no airborne fibers
    • Styrene free – no toxic decomposition gasses
    • Ready to use – no site additives required
    • Neither promotes nor prevents corrosion

    Intumescent Coatings – Thin Film:

    • Intumescent coating thin film provides an appearance similar to that of a paint finish
    • At ambient temperatures, they remain stable
    • In a fire situation, the increase in temperature causes a chemical reaction, the Intumescent coating expands to many times its original thickness
    • This provides an insulating foam-like coating or “char” which protects the substrate
    • Intumescent coating is designed to insulate the steel and prevent the temperature of the steel from rising to a critical point at which structural failure becomes possible
    • Once heat is applied to these products, they expand to many times their original thickness and this in turn provides an insulating layer between the heat source and the substrate
    • As with most protective measures the product is only effective at its weakest point so the correct application of these products is critical
    • Intumescent coatings are typically used as passive fire protection in a variety of build environments and can be applied to structural steel elements
    • Intumescent coating is an aesthetically pleasing fireproofing coating system providing up to 120 minutes fire proofing

    Fire Sealing:

    • Mineral Fiber boards
    • Penetration Seals
    • Joint seals

What DRAM Offers

  • A large team of fully trained staff capable of applying Thin Film Intumescent coatings and Vermiculite based products to steel and other substrates, on Commercial and Industrial projects throughout South Africa and Southern Africa
  • We are an approved applicator by the major Intumescent coating suppliers
  • We use the latest technology for the application of Intumescent and Vermiculite coating system
  • The practical knowledge we have gained combined with our extensive range of spray equipment enables us to produce high quality and efficient work for any type of project, no matter how complex
  • Our thorough and in-depth experience applying various Intumescent and Vermiculite coatings in a number of different environments enables our skilled team to select the most appropriate spray equipment and application method each and every time
  • We have a highly motivated team of expert “Coating Applicators” ensuring each project is completed on time, on budget and to a high standard of workmanship
  • Our focus is on continual training and development for all of our teams
  • Investing in our people is reflected by our reputation in the marketplace of carrying out work safely and to the highest quality every time

Rope Access:

  • On areas with restricted access
  • Painting and cleaning in inaccessible areas
  • Rope access technicians ascent and descent and traverse ropes for access
  • Work while suspended by three harnesses
  • Adhere to all safety regulations